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Binance Smart Chain
Goal: 200.0000
Sale ??
KryptoPad Incubator
Binance Smart Chain
Goal: 100.0000
Sale ??
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DeFi Degen Land
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain
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KryptoPad Incubator Token Sale Now Live!

Incubator tokens are an initial offering for interested parties who wish to get in at the very ground floor of any platform launch.

They are placeholders for allocation when the official pre-sale of the platforms tokens commence and will be exchanged at a preferential rate of 1 incubator token to 2 platform tokens.

This will result in a 50% DISCOUNT to you of the price of the pre-sale tokens.

The funding target is 100BNB and will run for 30 days to Febuary 25th, 2022

These tokens are tradeable on Pancake Swap as 25% of the raise is added to liquidity.

Get yours here now!


All transactions are subject to a 5% tax. This is split as follows:

  • 2% Reflection is distributed to all holders of the token.
  • 1% Liquidity Pool contribution.
  • 2% Dev/Ops.

This Dev/Ops portion is split again as follows:

  • 30% Dev Team - Hey, we gotta eat!
  • 30% Rewards - The supporters gotta eat!
  • 30% Marketing - The ad guys gotta eat!
  • 10% Manual Burn - Decreasing supply!

Incubator Token

An incubator token is placeholder for the upcoming pre-sale and allows the team to carry out marketing and development prior to the sale.

Tokens purchased will be exchanged for utility tokens after the pre-sale, but will be at a discount of up to 50%.

25% of this raise is sent to Pancake Swap, providing liquidity and allows this token to be traded.

KryptoPad Utility Token Pre-Sale

  • 40% Tokens allocated to Pre-sale, covers contributors purchases and Liquidity Pool.
  • 10% Allocated to purchasers of the Incubator Token.
  • 10% Dev Team allocation.
  • 24% Rewards System allocation - This allows us to rewards our users for promoting projects. Ensuring projects succeed is our number one priority for future success.
  • 16% Marketing allocation - For purchase of ads, influencer payments for KryptoPad specifically.

Our Mission - Full service platform for all your crypto needs

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, tokens, NFTs, DEFI, Dapps, DAOs.

Its the new internet. Or more specifically - Web 3.0!

Our mission is to make it super simple for everyone to design, build and launch their crypto project without needing to be an expert full-stack blockchain developer. And then to ensure its success post launch.


Start here! If you do not already have a smart contract on launched on your preferred blockchain, pick one of ours and customise to suit. Then mint it in seconds. No coding skills required.


Once you have your token live, its time to prepare an IDO to raise funds to build your project.

Let the world know your project is up and build interest.

Use our hosting to run your public web pages.

List for promotion within our community to get the word out.

Run a campaign with whitelist, competitions and rewards to maximise interest.

Launch your IDO on our platform.


Build trust with your community. Once launched, lock your LP tokens and Team tokens in time-locked and vesting contracts.


Use our swap to provide liquidity and public purchasing of your tokens. Stake and farm for extra reward.


Once launched, ensure your projects best chance of success by leaning on our network.

We are building a community of advisors, developers, coders, sherpas, promoters, service providers and influencers to support you.

Road Map

Q2, 2021

Initial Concept, Design and Planning

  • Formulation of a general plan to progress the concept.
  • Research on competitor solutions.
  • Conversion plan for front end platform from our single user solution to a multi user solution.
  • Platform conversion commenced.

Q3, 2021

Development Commencement

  • Token deployers
  • Launchpad deployers
  • Token Lockers

Q4, 2021

Devlopment Continuation and Testing

  • Fork of Uniswap for our Swap
  • Standard ERC20 Token Contract
  • RFI Token Contract

Q1, 2022

Initial Release and Marketing Commencement

  • Establishment of web presence.
  • Social media
  • Invitations to participate.
  • Launch of incubator contract

Q2, 2022

Marketing Push and Expansion.

  • Listings on CMC, CG
  • Growth of social media channels
  • Advertising
  • Mirroring of smart contracts on all EVM chains.

Q3, 2022

Expansion of Platform

  • Mobile App Development
  • Improvements to current features
  • Web payments platform.
  • Further marketing

Q4, 2022

Refine and Grow

  • Remove unused features.
  • Development of Governance Contract
  • Planning for Future Growth